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We all know that people will go through a big change when they finally have kids. We gathered some photos to show you what life was like before and after having kids.

1. Always tired

2. Not many smiles left

3. Does the cat even care?

4. Are those two different people?

5. Stickers on dad’s face

6. That swimsuit quote doesn’t apply anymore

7. No more parties

8. More and more tears

9. Not quite the same dream

10. This must be the coolest dad ever

11. Not so happy anymore

12. Please help me

13. From one kind of bottle to another

14. Never rested

15. This cat has had enough

16. Need a bit of charging

17. Who said siblings are nice?

18. Natural alarm

19. No more travel

20. you have to put up with everything they do

21. From a bodybuilder to a princess

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