Because we are all human, we tend to once in a while get ourselves in embarrassing situations. We know that by just mentioning this, you will be reminded of one embarrassing moment you had in your life and remember how that moment impacted you.

At the time, it might not have been funny, but as time goes by, you all of a sudden can laugh about it when you tell someone about that moment. We all can remember a similar moment like that in our life, and we gathered some that people decide to post online.

1. Nod and carry on

2. Maybe next time, do it more discretely

3. At least they had an amazing time at the festival

4. What are the odds of that happening?

5. We don’t speak about this to anyone



6. All of us who have pets have reenacted that scene


7. The employed didn’t have to say that

8. Doing some research

9. Good luck explaining yourself

10. You got what you wished for

11. Great to know you have patriotic neighbors

12. Make sure it is the right person next time

13. The coast was not clear

14. I mean, who wouldn’t do that

15. That is pure excitement

16. Pretty awkward

17. The Lord is always the answer

18. Ask to go to the bathroom next time

19. It was going to fail at some point

20. Who hasn’t clapped during the intro of ‘Friends?’

21. Let your boss be the judge of that

22. How do you explain that later?

23. Total disappointment

24. At least you got the job

25. Wrong number

26. He was waiting for it

27. Caught in a lie

28. Never used the shower ever again

29. This is him speaking

30. Like it never happened

31. Unusual friend

32. Even if it was your cousin, why?

33. Make sure the kids are asleep

34. Got away with it

35. Mom, how could you?

36. Always put your phone on silent

37. All men unite

38. Free pizza at least

39. Well, that must have been awkward

40. Blowing your cover

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