The following pictures are so baffling when you look at them first. You will eventually figure out what’s going on.

These are real life optical illusions which are confusing people. You might figure out the image straight away but there are a few which will confuse you.

Honestly, it literally took me five minutes to figure out what was actually happening in the following photo. Scroll to end for answer.

Tiny cat

This is a cat sitting with a sock draped over its back.

Long cow

What does a long cow say….Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

It’s a…

Bird! No it’s a cat with its head tilted.

Bald party

Unfortunately, this is just one lonely bald man and three leather seats.

Are her legs okay?

If you look closely, you’ll see that this little girl is just holding a bag of popcorn.

Where is it possible for this picture to have been taken?

This is an image of rain falling on a pool taken from underwater.

It’s much less cute now that I know what it is.

The boy with the headset looks exactly like a dog facing the camera.

You might fall in… to a story.

Tilt the camera…

The dog head has something he’d like to say.

The dog’s head is in front of his body.

Come on, I’m trying to drive here.

Giant loaf of bread!


After a few seconds, you will realise this man is walking with his head down.

“Honey, what have you been feeding him?!”

Don’t worry it’s just a doll’s house…

“Come with me if you want to live.”

Still figuring this one out???

“I thought we said we weren’t inviting Alf anymore?”

The lady’s head in the bottom right corner look like one of the muppets.

“You okay, cat?”

Did this cat got shot wit a cannon in cartoon.

Dog preparing for chemical warfare.

Oh wait this dog is just being examined by a vet and not wearing a gas mask.


Lady throw your glasses away fix your hair.

Someone forget their leg?

How did that leg jump on board?

End of the world.

Okay it’s actually just reflections of lights in a hotel room.

This cat approves.

Relax it’s not a cat just a guy rocking out devil horns with his hand.

Is the sky glitching?

Pixels in the sky?


Yikes is that cat’s gonna eat that whole pole!

The other, normal-sized girls must team up to defeat her.

Wow this girl looks gigantic.

Oh no, am I crossing the River Styx?

Anubis who guards the realm of the dead.


Dont worry this dog is just covered in orange powder and not on fire!

Did grandma make this?

Looks like a Minecraft blanket.

Headless Gymnast.

Don’t freak out she just has flexible neck.

Floating Horse

It’s important to either tie them down!

“You are at my mercy.”

What the….

“What do you want, lady?!”

Doesn’t it look like this car is being driven by a lady, the one on the poster.

Um, what?

A balancing zebra….

Baby she’s born this way

This dog’s flowing locks are belong to the girl sitting next to them on the dock.

Soon there will be no likes left for the rest of us.

Eagle has landed.

Giant squirrel

This took me a minute to figure out look closely, the squirrel is standing on a window sill.

You, me, and a tree

It really does look like she’s holding that tree, but it’s actually her purse.

Zebra legs

A very convincing zebra-striped pants.

Yummy egg

It’s actually a cat and half an orange.

Looks like there’s nothing wrong with this photo, right?

Wrong. Take a closer look! Have you figured it out yet? Don’t focus on the girls.



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