Around 2017, Artyon Celestine and Paige Glenn, both aged 9 and 8, got the attention of all America’s Got Talent judges with something they had never before seen on the show!

Artyon and Paige both met for the first time when they were taking the same dancing class back in California. It seemed that they had an instantaneous click when they first started dancing together.

They both started their journey the moment they decided to audition for a chance to win in AGT. Both children performed to Barbie Girl and danced to it. But Simon didn’t like their performance!

Thankfully, they were permitted to enter the other round, because the three other judges pretty much loved these two adorable kids.

However, the kids had yet to show their talents… in the second round Paige and Artyon danced to I’ve Had a Time of my Life. The amazing performance ended up winning them an honor from the guest judge, Heidi Klum and even Mel B. 

The two returned once again in the next episode of AGT killing their next performance to Footloose.

Their performance was filled with life and was described as a breath of fresh air. As soon as they finished, the audience started cheering loudly for them.

Paige even shocked the judges by preforming on their table. How bold! The performance was packed with twists, twirls, high jumps and kicks, all while on rhythm with the song they were dancing to. 

Although, despite the support of the audience, the pair didn’t get enough voted to go through the semifinals. But they sure did get yet another standing ovation from Heidi Klum and Mel B. 

You can watch the full video of that bold performance down below!

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