Here are some photos to prove what kind of mind you have!

I bet you were thinking the same as me!

It’s not what you think!

It’s actually his real name!

Did you ever eat these?

Most people enjoy photography as an art itself. Although few aspire to be a photographer while others are experts.

Often a picture is accidentally captured in the right place at the right time which can give a photographer a surreal feeling. We have compiled a list of images that  are certainly taken unexpectedly. Let’s take a look at the funny pictures below.

1. Angelic Firefighter

This firefighter was captured accidentally but is a great tribute for those who always put their lives at risk.

2. Winning the Ignoring Competition

That moment when you make an awesome move and nobody is watching.

3. Perfection

The perfect model appeared at the perfect moment and even wore matching clothes too.

4. Mesmerizing Wave

This is cool to look at.

5. When Toilet is Calling You

This reminds me of the Harry Potter movie.

6. The Struggles of a Substitute Teacher

One way to exposes your inner thoughts.

7. A Perfect Sunset

This photographer must of had a lot of patience.

8. “But First, Let Me Take a Selfie”

Take a moment to reflect on this one.

9. Aladdin Has Aged Now

Maybe Aladdin could really fly.

10. A Cat with Six Packs

This Kitty has been working out.

11. Tree of Life

The epitome of nature.

12. Truck Stealing The Sun

What smuggler stole the sun

13. Perfect Hair

When you want to see how you look as a brunette.

14. Powerful Bumblebee

A bumblebee carrying the sun?

15. Chief Vitamin Water

Class headdress?

16. Relative of Pegasus

Wait, is that Buckbeak from Harry Potter?

17. Lightning & Rainbow

Wow this magnificent photo was captured while travelling in the air.

18. Miss Ostrich

For a second I thought this was the Ostrich’s beautiful hair.

19. Making A Treble Clef

Note the earphone design.

20. Magical Hair

I had to do a double take.

When you have a moving hair

21. “I Love You Man”

This player shows his Love through the tv.

22 – Is it two women or is it only 1? You decide!

23 – I actually thought she was wear it on her face! Wow..

24 – No she is not actually an Angel! It’s a wall mural!

25 – Somebody save the baby!

26 – And they call it… Pupp…. ( Kitty love!! )

27 – Did he catch him? You will never know..

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