Whoever invented warning signs did a good thing by helping to organize some things in society. Whether you are a driver, a biker, or a walker you know that these signs can be found on every street, road, at the mall, and lots of other public places. Sometimes people find some warning signs very eccentric and funny, so who wouldn’t take a photo. Today we’ll be looking at a few unusual warning signs to make you laugh out loud.

How tigers see us  

On this warning sign, you can clearly see a creative way of telling people they should be careful around the tigers. Be aware that the tigers look at us like we are their most delicious meal and stay in the lane where you will be safe. Surely you don’t want to be a steak. Some people for an unknown reason sometimes forget that they can be a great snack, but thank god for this sign to remind us to keep our distance.

See you later, Alligator  

Alligators are one of the deadliest animals in the world, even though they are amazing creatures. You can find them in zoos and other attraction parks, but should always beware of the danger. Thankfully warning signs exist and the creators on this one didn’t hold back their creativity. The illustration is very simple with a strong message for everyone to understand, with the checkmark put next to the picture of how it is appropriate to watch the gaters and more importantly the skull with crossed bones, which we all know what that means.

Parachute for sale  

Buying something that has been already used can be pretty tricky. We have all wondered if buying an item, we saw on some online marketplace or a pawn shop can be worth it and we are always in luck if there is some sort of a message or an explanation from the previous owner.

This picture shows a sign with a very honest advertisement for someone selling a parachute. We worry about the previous owner but, who would want to go skydiving with a parachute that won’t open.

Where are your kids?  

This next warning sign it’s a little dark and totally not funny, but it’s kind of hard not to laugh with it being illustrated so funnily. We hope that no parent came into this situation, and don’t know how one would get in this position. This is a pretty useful sign that warns parents not to take their kids to a place that can be dangerous for them. All in all, even though the chances of dealing with your child ending stuck under a tractor wheel are one in a million, we are sure that no one would want to get themselves in this kind of trouble.

What’s important  

If you are a fan of movies with great plot twists, here is a sign with a twist that was not expected. We love animals, and we certainly don’t want to make them sick, hopefully, this sign will teach some of us that we have a huge resemblance to a steak and to keep a safe distance between the animals at the zoo. Usually, when someone tells you not to do something, we get this urge to do it just in spite, it’s human nature, but in this case, you wouldn’t feel that way because it says right there that you can make animals sick, that surely makes you stop and think for a minute.

Run first, Tweet later  

In almost every building or a public place the sign ‘’in case of fire’’ is unavoidable. There are usually shown maps in case a fire happens, alarms, and fire extinguishers. Nowadays in this modern world with social media as a big part, when mother nature hits the first instinct for some people is to go straight to the phone and share what is happening with all their social media friends. This warning sign has a pretty funny illustration that would prevent that from happening. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality and we hope that everyone can learn a lesson from this sign and not put themself in a critical position because of a few seconds taken for a picture.

Nine seconds or less  

Trespassing is a bad thing to do and it includes putting yourself in a risky situation because you’ll never know if a big dog is waiting to protect its house and owners. But not all people have dogs guarding them, some may surprise you with a bull. Bulls are scary even when you watch them on TV, imagine getting yourself in a situation where you come eye to eye with one. Being gored by a bull is unimaginable, so if you come across this sign, please don’t risk it.

Come on, Abby  

It would be very annoying if your employee didn’t show up to work often and that is a good reason to be pissed at them. This next sign shows us a fed-up boss, who probably wasn’t very happy that Abby was being irresponsible, so passive-aggressively he showed her who’s the boss. Just imagine the look on Abby’s face when she saw the sign calling her out very publicly. Hopefully, she learned her lesson after this experience and returned the missed calls and messages.

A rebellious bird  

Rules are made to be broken, and this little birdie is all in for that. It is clear that the bird Is going through a rebellious phase. The sign clearly shows that no birds are allowed, but this bird won’t take that kind of talk. We don’t know who made this particular sign that thought the birds would understand it. In conclusion, it is always funny when animals do quirky things, but this birdie will surely make your day and put a smile on your face.

Welcome to the bat cave  

No one wants to be a toilet that’s for sure, especially not a bat’s one and it definitely won’t bring you good luck like birds. Bats are generally creepily shown in movies, it’s spooky when they fly out of a cave but it would be even spookier if they go to the toilet directly on you. Thankfully if you ever want to see bats free-flying, think of this warning sign, that probably helped a lot of people decrease the risk of being a bat’s toilet.

Wasn’t planning on it  

We already covered that encounters with bulls can be scary, and this next sign shows us that someone probably dared to grab the bulls’ horns, and from that, it’s imaginable what could have happened. This is a pretty funny sign and the bull is very cute, but just for looking and not for touching. Hopefully, the person who had a bad experience with Hamish learned their lesson and were not much harmed. Maybe the phrase ‘’ don’t play with fire’’ can be changed to ‘’don’t play with bulls’’.

Exhibit A  

Who would actually sue someone for their own actions, right? Well apparently, some people do and other people are done with it. This next sign is a very clever one, and it is obvious that the person who did it has been dealing with some legal problems from people walking on the rocks and made it clear that if someone does that again he is prepared. Although the rocks don’t look like a big challenge to walk on, people can slip and fall easily. But still, we wouldn’t risk a failed lawsuit.

No depth, no diving  

Swimming and diving can be fun, but diving is not recommendable when the water is shallow and it can cause some serious injuries. Of course, where there is a swimming area with shallow water, there should be a warning sign. Even though there seems like there is no water at all, I guess you could never be too safe whatever the circumstances. If someone did dive here, it’s terrifying to think what is like diving into hard cement and hopefully, the person is okay.

No diving

For this next unusual warning sign, we are not really sure if it’s humanly possible to fit diving into a toilet but looks like somebody tried. Maybe, someone was really into the movie ‘’Trainspotting’’ and wanted to remake a scene. Whatever the reason it’s interesting how the human mind works. We hope the sign prevented somebody else from trying to dive into a toilet and have serious injuries. Diving into shallow water can cause permanent injuries so the people who put the sign there know what they were doing.

Pro-life tip  

Sharing is caring, which Is well-known, but sometimes you just want to open a bag of chips in front of the TV and eat it all by yourself with no sharing. This store obviously knows that struggle and decided to make a quirky and creative sign, which is an awesome idea. Who knows if this was actually used in practice by some husband who was getting tired of his wife eating his chips? Coming from home grocery shopping and passing the chips as a mistake, but next time surely there will be no mistake.

To stop or not to stop  

Dilemmas can be frustrating, especially in traffic when you stumble onto a confusing road sign. Road signs are usually quick to read, but this one will only give you a headache. It will probably take a while for you to determine whether to stop or not. We believe that this sign will make the drivers stop to read the sign. Hopefully, you won’t stumble upon a sign like this one, that actually has two signs.

Everything will be fine  

While this sign looks a little scary at first sight with the big red letters, a twist happens and everything is fine. Much like your car if you park it in that private parking space. No one wants their car towed or having to pay a fine, so this situation is kind of perfect for that. The people who made that sign probably meant for it to say fined, but grammatical mistakes can happen to anyone. Typically, if you park your car in private parking you will be charged, but not in this case, you’ll be just fine.

Espresso and a puppy  

Every parent has their own nightmares about their kids, especially when shopping. There are many cases where kids got hurt or products got destroyed. One creative shop owner decided to scare the parents and he created this sign. Every parent that reads this will grab his child’s arm and never let go. No one wants a kid that is doped on caffeine, especially if the kid is coming home with a dog, which we all know what it means. And of course, the pet will have to be taken care of by you while your kid is running around like crazy, trying to burn off that extra energy. Let’s all hope that this sign will help!

Cats and dogs  

Dogs are man’s best friends, they guard the house, love you and love walks, but being a cat parent can be fun too. Some cats are featured with lots of peculiar characters and the one in the photo is 100% one of those cats. Guard dogs are scary, big and they attack hard if someone trespasses their property, but this sign right here shows us that if you really want people away from you just get a weird cat, you will be surprised at the effectiveness.

Looks promising  

Tons of people have made the mistake of creating a permanent tattoo without thinking it through. Nowadays, there are all kinds of remedies for tattoo removal, and the most known one is laser surgery which really empties your pockets. One creative tattoo artist decided to make a joke just about that. He decided to give discounts for tattoo removals, but he made the statement on a sign made of a chainsaw. This sign can be repulsive for many people, especially because no one wants a part chopped off his body.

No pedestrians  

Using an illustration to make a warning sign is pretty creative to decrease the possibility of someone getting hurt. The illustration on this next warning sign is hilarious, made for a construction site. Apart from being really funny, this sign is actually very clever, so that the kids who can’t read can see from the illustration that it is dangerous to hang out around this area and adults should know better.

Keep away  

Animals are really great and everyone loves them. Zoos can be an interesting event for families and children love these trips. The zookeepers are constantly adding signs of cautions for the visitors, but many people dismiss them. Even if it says “the most dangerous animal in the world”, someone can still do something stupid. Well, this sign should open the eyes of many people. The danger around a hippo is huge, especially if you have found yourself in the splatter area minding your own business.

No trespassing  

No trespassing signs are usually neglected by trespassers, so this homeowner decided to take things to the next level. It seems that they have put up a sign to release themselves from a lot of work – hiding bodies. It looks pretty scary, especially if you are in the woods. It can be risky to enter after seeing this sign, and what if the homeowners are really tired? Hopefully, people are appreciating this sign and the owners are finally resting.

And the lollipop  

When we were kids the only exciting part about going to the doctor was the part where we get lollipops, and it is a great technique that doctors practice with scared children and a great excuse for the parents to make the doctor’s appointment more bearable. However, when we grow up the lollipop thing doesn’t work so much on us. These days, vaccination is not supported by many people and the doctors are aware that the lollypop thing won’t apply to adults so they do signs like this to straight-forward tell you the truth.

Stay calm, they said  

If you are participating in a risky activity, you need a lot of insurance. Insurance is really needed if you are about to enter a maze in which you can easily get lost. Apparently, a lot of people have been lost in the maze, and this can be truly frightening. The owners of this maze decided to put up a sign that should bring reassurance to the people. However, this doesn’t look that reassuring, especially if you know that losing yourself means you will be stuck for several days, probably without food or any resources. However, it is all about fun, right?

Let’s be clear here  

Can this sign be any clearer? Seeing this sign really makes you wonder if there is seriously anyone on this planet that doesn’t know what a stop sign looks like or if this is really necessary. People don’t seem to stop so the sign had to be made to keep people safe. It sounds kind of silly to make a sign like this, but it’s for good intentions and made to be as clear as possible to prevent unwanted situations and people getting hurt.

Thanks for listening  

For this picture, firstly we hope everyone is okay and without any injuries, secondly this photo is the definition of irony. The sign clearly doesn’t apply to the car in the perfectly timed photo, but we got a good laugh from it. We don’t know the story behind it, but he either did it on purpose to make someone laugh or he was having trouble reading the sign. At least he left a warning for the other cars passing by.

Moving plants?  

The fact that one of the most famous actors, Tom Hanks took this picture says a lot. It was a real shock to realize that plants can cross the road, we thought that that only implied to chickens. Well, you never know what you will run into these days. No one knows the story behind this sign, but maybe you should take caution when crossing the street.

Hot dogs and sausages  

This sign will be quite repulsive for those who are on a diet but truly alluring with anyone hungry. We are not aware of the location of this sign, but if you are up for a hot dog, you should take Hot Dog Street and if you are a fan of sausages, take Sausages Avenue. Both of these foods are quite terrible for your health, but they are tasty enough to make you forget all about that. Follow your guts and choose a street.

No longer extinct  

While dinosaurs have been gone from the earth a long time ago, some people showed us how they can be used if you want to prevent anyone from trespassing a property. Maybe it’s a great creative way, but what If someone is curious to see what the dinosaur area is all about.

An ominous sign  

We don’t know who was that pessimistic to create a sign like this one. Many times, things are not finished happily and are resolved in tears. However, this sign is really confusing because it is either talking about crying and tears or about tearing something apart. You can try and decide by looking at the background, but it can be tricky. Maybe we should believe in this sign, especially because we don’t even know what it means.

Stay away from the pipe  

We all know that signs are often overlooked, but this is too much. It is forbidden to climb on the pipe, and yet, almost every person is hanging on it. This is probably because we always want the things we can’t have, so, these people are probably aiming for fun only. We are not sure if the sign is from the past, because probably a lifeguard would chase these people away. Or, at least they can try!

Please don’t eat the hanger  

If you ever come across a sign like this, it really makes you think about what happened that this sign is necessary to put here. Did someone really do that? How is it possible? To anyone that may have witnessed this please make sure to never make a mistake like that, and we thought that sword swallowing was dangerous.

That makes sense  

Another great sign that makes no sense. It says “Country road ends at the water” which can be quite confusing, especially if you are not from around. As we understand, this sign is placed at the beach, and it probably means that you should stop as soon as you see the water. However, it can take a little to misinterpret it and find yourself flying with your car towards the water.

You’re being monitored  

Living in a technological era like this one, we often believe that we are constantly watched and monitored. Many people believe that social media have control over our information and they can know everything about us. This sign is put near a security camera, but the word ‘monitored’ can be quite confusing. Are we being watched all the time or you have this camera for emergencies only? Nevertheless, it will stop many people from doing something stupid.

How doors work  

Everyone knows that to walk through a door you have to open it first, it’s a known fact among people. This sign seems pretty useless, but looking at the glass door it seems that lots of people didn’t see the door until they tried to walk through it. Although it’s always funny to see someone smacking in a glass door, we can see the purpose of the sign was put there. But it’s a good thing and that sign will stop a lot of people from embarrassment

Health center you say?  

This sign can bring shivers to your body, especially if you need a good health center. It is placed in Eastern California, Death Valley, which is always enduring high temperatures. This sign isn’t welcoming at all, mainly because you want nothing to do with death when looking for a health center. We never expected to see these words together in one sentence, but there you go.

Do it on your own time  

A kiss-goodbye is a very usual thing when traveling and it means a lot. Sometimes there is maybe even too much PDA going on in a public place, and couples can get lost in the affection and not notice the people around them. This sign is put to prevent that kiss from going too far and leading to a missed flight.

Which one is it?  

A lot of confusing signs out there and this one will make you think. If you take the New Life Lane you will be starting a new life, but what about that dead end? We guess you won’t know what you are putting yourself into until you take the lane. Probably, you will get a new life while stumbling upon a dead-end which will end the trip for you.

Not one to mince words  

This slightly ominous sign seems like it’d be at home in a horror movie. Of course, if it was in a horror movie, the main characters would stupidly ignore it and then end up getting into trouble. But in real life, drivers probably get a good chuckle out of this warning sign. We have to admit though, this sign does stir our curiosity!

While bluntness can sometimes be a little much when it comes from another person, we’ve got to admit that we love just how blunt and matter-of-fact this sign is. What exactly happens after you pass this point of no return, though? Why should people turn back? That’s a mystery we’ll never know the answer to.


There aren’t many people out here that ride a unicycle, but we guess they need signs too. It is quite strange to find yourself in a situation like this. The sign pictures a person that is about to crash with his unicycle and is simply floating around. He will probably fall sooner or later and will suffer some injuries. A lot of unicyclists are probably falling in this place that made the city put up the sign. Hopefully, you won’t have the same fate as the figurine.

You don’t say  

Drowning can ruin your day, that is the reason behind this sign. It’s a great reminder to be careful when swimming, and it won’t just ruin your day, but other people’s day too. The people who made this wholesome illustration worry about reminding visitors to be more cautious.

Oh, deer  

The story behind this sign is one you probably never even heard of. Leopards are climbing on trees and finishing their leftovers up there. The leftovers are usually deer’s, and you wouldn’t want to find yourself under a tree that rains blood and deer leftovers. Actress Samira Wiley took the photo of this sign and her expression says it all.

Cat people vs. dog people  

When it comes to pets, there are two types of people, cat lovers, and dog lovers. This can be a determining factor when we are meeting someone. This sign says “No dogs allowed” but in the background, we can see “Holy Family Cat”. We were quite confused when we saw this sign and we will assume that the name stands for “Holy family catholic”, even though the “H” is missing. This place will probably attract many more cat persons.

A sense of humor  

You will need a good sense of humor to understand this sign, especially in times like today. It is probably put there to allure more customers while giving them a good laugh. This sign states that post-apocalyptic fiction novels are transferred to the Current Affairs section. So, if you are near this book store, definitely check the Current Affairs section and see what post-apocalyptic fiction novels can be found.

Wait, what?  

We covered the falling deers, now it’s time for falling snakes. Honestly, if you see this sign just run away as fast as you could because raining snakes is terrifying. We don’t know the story behind this sign or why it happens, but it makes us anxious just by reading it. So, if anyone finds this place, please warn people not to go there.

Sounds about right  

We all needed a place to get through financial, marriage, and finally, liquor problems. That place exists and we all know why we need it. It all starts with financial issues, that can lead to a broken marriage that usually leads to a lot of drinking. These three institutions are probably positioned like this on purpose and you can probably get it all done in one day.

You’re not a train  

It is a well-known fact that tracks are made for trains, and not for humans, but not every person knows that. Not to worry because this sign is made to make that clear, even though it’s not necessary. It’s a pretty hilarious sign and it sends a great message that trains can’t read. Hopefully, nobody had an accident in those tracks.

Jazz hands  

Usually, wet floor signs are boring and we know what the author is trying to tell us as soon as we see the figure. However, this sign took a little bit of creativity and a high level of originality and it will take your attention. If you see it on time, you might avoid doing the jazz hands dance while falling. You need to save that dance move for the dance floor!

Use your brain  

There are numerous inventions every day, and all the new products are usually technological. Well, people often forget that machines don’t have a brain and someone needs to operate them carefully. This factory decided to state the obvious to remind people that machines can’t think. It is pretty funny, and hopefully, it will make the workers use their brain more when handling the machine.

Workplace shenanigans  

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. At least that is what some people say. We all know someone that wants to do his job alone without anyone telling him how to do it, and someone decided to put up a sign that states exactly that. It is quite simple, stop telling me how to do my job to avoid injury. If you need time away from coworkers, use something like this.

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