Devil for Jeff Bezos – Angel for USA.. Here is the story of Mackenzie Scott One of the luminaries of 2020


2020 is an undoubtedly turbulent year for nearly the entire world. But there is an unavoidable fact that this is the year introduced to some jewel of persons to the world, who was never into the spotlight before. One of the best examples of this statement is Mackenzie Scott. Yes, she is none other than the ex-wife of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. What she has done to society?  Why now do we have to recall her at this year’s end? Let’s take a look. We all know that her ex-husband Jeff Bezos is the world’s wealthiest man. While have seen all the success in his business journey he has faced so many controversial issues along with it. Including the poor working condition for his employees. In 2019 Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie Scott split from their 25-year marriage life.

From her marriage settlement, she has got 19.7 million shares of Amazon, and at that time it was estimated $60.7 a billion, which made her the wealthiest woman in the world. But unlike many rich people, she wanted to use the money to create change. There were so many people in the United States who struggled financially due to pandemic lockdown. She has donated $1.68 billion to non profitable groups, universities, etc.

Not just people who benefitted from her donations, but many who admired her for her thoughtful actions are filled social media sites with their acclaims. One contrary thing needs to be noted here. Jeff Bezos, like many other million people who struggled in the pandemic, had asked the public to step up and help to pay his employee’s sick fund in the global lockdown period. Regardless of the struggles that we have confronted in 2020, we must thank the year for identifying treasures like Mackenzie Scott.