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53-year-old Keith Walker rushed to an animal shelter the moment he saw that a fire had started in there. 

These animals sure owe their lives to Keith.

During the time of the incident, Keith was struggling financially and was left homeless with his Pitbull named Bravo. When he was walking with his only companion Bravo, he realized that a shelter near him was burning in flames. 

The cause of the fire, that happened on the 18th of December, was because of an incident that had started in the kitchen of the Atlanta W-Underdogs shelter. This would lead the shelter animals to meet a different fate if it wasn’t for Keith to immediately take action. 

He claimed that before entering the burning building, Keith became extremely nervous and realized that he had put himself in a life-threatening situation. But what pushed him is the love for Bravo. His dog was his best friend and was always there when Keith was struggling. This realization made Keith know that he had to save all those other innocent animals that were caught in the fire. 

He did this by moving quickly. Unfortunately, Keith was not able to rescue every animal in the shelter due to the fire spreading rapidly. However, he was able to rescue 6 dogs and ten cats from the perishing facility, which was destroyed minutes after by all the flames.

The sad part of the whole story was the fact that Keith was the only one who risked his life to save these animals, even the firefighters did not want to handle them.

Before this all happened, the shelter had helped Keith by letting his dog Bravo sleep in their facility each night. They had no idea that Keith was going to repay them by saving the lives of many animals on that tragic day. 

Now, the animals are safe in a new Atlanta facility. The shelter then thanked Keith and called him a hero. They even posted a photo of him on their social media account to share this amazing story.

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