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People who have experienced prom know how much pressure and anxiety you feel days before the big day. The whole experience is way more difficult for girls because they have to worry about hairstyles, makeup, shoes, and the dress.

We live in a time where you can have whatever you like delivered to your front door with a few clicks. Many people still enjoy going from store to store and trying on a couple of dresses before picking one. But because we can now find the dress we like online, we can order it and wait for it to arrive. Many people don’t consider the fact that if something looks good online, it doesn’t mean that it will look good when it arrives. The people you are about to see found out the hard way when they realized that what they ordered is nothing like the pictures online.

We gathered some pictures of prom dresses that turned out to be pretty bad when they finally arrived. These girls wanted to give advice and warn others about buying dresses online.

1. You can see how disappointed she is

2. This girl didn’t even bother trying it on

3. Not quite as the pictures online

4. Even the color is different

5. She can make this one work

6. This is the choice if you want to be a mermaid

7. She needs to grow a couple of inches; that’s all

8. Where are the patterns?

9. False advertising

10. At least the girl looks happy

11. Maybe you should take the photo from a different angle

12. She doesn’t look happy how it turned out

13. Well, at least they made the effort of putting pads

14. Looking like a mushroom

15. Her face tells you the whole story

16. This one has to be held at all times


17. Iron it a bit, and it will be fine

18. That look more like a nightgown than a prom dress

19. The shape of the dress in non-existent

20. Pads are pretty common in these online dresses

21. She will be scratching herself all night

22. That is not the same dress

23. At least they got the leg slit


24. The colors are way off

25. What is the rope for?

26. A bit too big

27. Seems nice at first glance

28. They got the color right on this one

29. Someone messed up the color

30. Even if the dress were a total fit, the shape would have still been of

31. At least one girl got what she wanted

32. It seems pretty good, right?

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