A decade went locked inside of a dark room for three graduate siblings, seems strange right ! But this is the truth and this incident has happened in rajkot, India. Siblings were aged 30 to 42 years. All of them are university graduates and said to be suffering from mental illness. After receiving information on these three, the NGO organization “Saati seva group” which works for homeless people went to rescue them. They found their home in one of the posh areas of rajkot. And they break the door to visit inside, and find the siblings in a dark room with stale food and reeking of human faeces.  Amrish Mehta aged 42, Meghna Mehta aged 39 and Bhavesh Mehta aged 30 found in the room in a severely malnourished condition. Soon after the rescue operation the siblings father Naveenbhai Mehta arrived at the house, and said to the NGO people that their children locked themselves up after their mother passed away 10 years ago.


And he added that their eldest son Amrish is a BA, BL graduate and was practicing lawyer when he lost his mother. Daughter Meghna has a MA in psychology and his youngest son bavesh has graduation in economics and a very prominent cricket player. And the father said children stopped going outside of their home after their mother fell ill in 1986. And completely shut them inside the room after their mother passed away. And he leaves the food at the room’s door everyday. And he believes some relatives did tantric magic on them. Whether it is their decision to lock them inside they needed care so the NGO people brought them out of the room with the help of their father and cleaned them. Patel from the NGO group said that they are planning to move the trio to a better place to get a better treatment.

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