Pumpkin had a lot of mixed feelings the moment his eyes saw sand and water coming together! 

She sure entertained her owners that day!

Both Pumpkin and his older brother, Moustachio enjoy going on different adventures with their mom (cat owner) Tia. One day, they all decided to go on another adventure and it was not welcomed well by cute Pumpkin…

Once they headed towards the beach, Pumpkin looked very happy and seemed to enjoy itself. However, the beach can get pretty windy sometimes and sand can spiral out of control. This is exactly what happened when Pumpkin was there, so the cat’s enthusiasm slowly began to fade away…

This cat’s dissatisfaction is hilarious to watch and it has totally melted our hearts!

The photos were shared on Pumpkin’s social media and they quickly became viral.

Despite that windy day, the cats have gone to the beach many more times.

Pumpkin was originally rescued and later adopted by his owner when he was just a small kitten.

Some months after, his owner discovered that he had a form of cerebellar hypoplasia which affected his depth perception and coordination

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