Even today, many people consider wall graffiti as vandalism. But when people glance at this French artist’s 3D work, they start to appreciate the art form a little bit more. You can find him on Instagram as SCAF, and when you see his skill, you will be blown away.

Because he has an amazing feel for angles and perspective, he can create images on flat surfaces that look real. Many of his 3D illustrations are scary animals and monsters, but he also paints people and other things. He is always coming up with new ideas and finding places that other artists haven’t touched.

He mainly does his work in abandoned places to make them feel and look a lot cooler. SCAF has unmeasurable talent, and this makes him unique. Next time people mention street art, we certainly will be reminded of SCAF. Please take a look at some of his amazing 3D wall graffiti.

1. Roaring Lion

2. Tamed Crocodile


These look so real that you think that at any second, some of the animals will jump right at you.

3. Raptor

4. Stay out of the water

5. Great White Shark

6. Real-life Mario

7. Purple Snake

8. Hanging out with his elephant

9. Dragon Ball

10. Dragon

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